Sleepline 1: Latex 8"

Natural latex mattress with different density zones.
Gently supports your body while your spine and muscles relax.

3 layers of 3" latex zone core: total 9" core

Approximately 8" with cover

Available in: Plush, Soft, Medium, Firm, X Firm

Sleepline 2: Latex 11"

This mattress has a firmer natural latex core than Sleepline 1. It's ideal if you normally sleep on your side and prefer a firmer mattress with high spot elasticity and flexibility.

3 layers of 3" latex zone core: total 9" core

Approximately 8" with cover

Available in: Plush, Soft, Medium, Firm, X Firm

Mattress Topper Lena

The smooth and organic cotton percale cover is quilted with organic cotton fleece which feels really fresh. It absorbs excess moisture and provides healthy and comfortable conditions for restful sleep. The mattress topper is washable. Elastic tape fasteners ensure that the topper sits securely on the mattress.

Filling: certified organic cotton fleece cover
Cover: certified organic percale

Hot Water Bottle

It’s made from natural latex, sourced from FSC®-certified rubber plantations under Fair Trade conditions. The removable, organic cotton plush cover makes it extra snuggly.

Size: for children 28 x 16 cm,
for adults 35 x 21 cm

Baby Changing Pad BOBO

This changing pad is filled with organic cotton fleece and covered in smooth organic cotton satin. The rim is raised on three sides with a filling that can be easily removed for washing.

Size: 75 x 85 cm

Spelt Snake BOBO

This versatile and cuddly spelt snake adapts to whatever position you’re sitting or lying in. It’s ideal during pregnancy, providing you with support and helping you to relax. Once the baby is born, the spelt snake becomes a breastfeeding cushion or a snug little nest for the newborn to rest in. The spelt snake gives you support just when and where you need it. The organic cotton percale cover has a velcro fastening. You can vary the quantity of the filling and adjust the cushion to suit your needs.

Size: 20 x 190 cm

Sleeping Bag for Baby or Child BOBO

Duvets can easily slip off overnight but in a sleeping bag, babies and small children stay comfortably warm with no restriction to their movements. The organic cotton jersey sleeping bag comes with a choice of different linings, some warmer than others, so that your child can sleep comfortably whatever the time of year. 

summer: certified organic cotton velour
spring and autumn:
certified organic cotton plush
winter: lamb tuft  
(100% pure new sheep’s wool)

velour or plush lining 70, 90, 110 cm, lamb tuft: 90, 110 cm

Our History


Sister company Prolana is founded. Right from the start we used only wool from sheep that had never been treated with pesticides. And we’ve been doing so ever since.


Prolana helps initiate an organic cotton project in Nicaragua. Today more than 150 smallholders grow organic cotton under the umbrella of this project.


Prolana uses only certified organic cotton. No EXCEPTIONS. By 2000, we start using only certified organic pure new sheep’s wool for bedding and mattresses.


Prolana becomes the first company to use fairly traded natural latex from FSC certified rubber plantations to produce mattresses.


The organic cotton that Prolana uses comes from farmers and processors that have been certified by the FairTrade Labelling Organization (FLO) International.


Prolana partners with Grün Komfort to exclusively introduce a new line of premium bedding in North America.

Fair Trade Cotton and Gandhi's Legacy

India is the world's largest producer of organic cotton. The farmers that Grün Komfort works with would like to keep it that way. Prices for organic cotton are higher than those for conventionally-grown cotton and the Fair Trade premium gives the farmers some additional security. But Indian farmers are already facing probblems trying to buy sufficient organic cotton seed. Multinational agrochemical companies dominate the market and sell, almost exclusively, GM cotton seed. Grün Komfort only buys fairly traded cotton and that helps farmers to withstand the pressures of the agrochemical industry. And with Grün Komfort you are touching upon one of Mahatma Ganhdi's main concerns; it was less than a hundred years ago that he sad behind his spinning wheel at times behind bars. 

When sourcing cotton we buy, wherever technically possible, cotton produce from farmers and processors who are certified by the international Fairtrade label organization FLO. This means that the farmers have received a Fair Trade premium for their oganic cotton and that all subsequent processing units are regulargly monitored with regard to social minimum standards (such as no child labor or minimum wages).

Our Certifications

For Grün Komfort, dealing with producers and suppliers on a fair basis is as important as protecting the environment. The rubber used for Grün Komfort's products is certified by the Forest Stewardship Concil (FSC) as non-imber forest product. Furthermore, Grün Komfort pays a Fair Trade premium to the rubber tappers of 50 Eurocents for each kilo of rubber sourced. Grün Komfort is the world's largest buyer of Fairly Traded rubber and a founding member of the Fair Rubber Association. This association, registered as an 'e.V.' in Germany, monitors the payment of Fair Trade premiums and theis usage, in line with Fair Trade criteria.